Clairmont is a Norwegian producer/songwriter which seemingly out of nowhere arrived with his debut single "Can’t Help Myself", with vocal duties shared by Norwegian shooting stars Mugisho and Julie Bergan. Quite the start for the former student of real estate law! 

Clairmont describe his sound as "broken retro" based purely on sounds that inspires him: 

"I am drawn to all that glitters and sparkles." 

His successful debut track earned him a gold record in Norway, racking up over 3 million streams on the streaming services. Clairmont went on to release official remixes of tracks such as "Black Car" by Miriam Bryant, and "All Your Friends" by Sophie Elise. 

Clairmont's expression is explosive, fresh and vibrant, with a mix of EDM, urban and pop music - and with new tunes just around the corner, we can't wait to hear the latest installment to a very exciting music catalogue!



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Et innlegg delt av clairmont (@clairmontmusic)


Key Demographics

Majority of music listeners are between the ages of 18-27 with 53% of streams deriving from this segment.

51% of Clairmont's music listeners are male.