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Kristian Kristensen is a Norwegian singer, songwriter from Harstad. Kristian started his career through the Norwegian TV- show The Voice in 2013, and is now making music in the indie- folk- pop genre where he has chosen to write and sing in his own dialect. 

In 2015, Kristian released his debut EP “Før the blir for seint” followed by joining NRK P3s “Urørt” competition where he won with his song “Lyset”.  Since then, "Lyset" have had over 3 millions streams.  Another hit single, “Kan du lære mæ?”  have had over 5 millions streams as well as winning Musikkforleggerprisen in the category “Årets verk” in the popular music genre. His voice is referred to by critics and fans as one of the greatest in the country, and we can look forward to hearing more from this multitalentet musician in the years to come. 

Kristian have performed at the Norwegian TV- shows Lindmo and Senkveld, VG-Lista topp 20, P3-Aksjonen, P3 Christine Live, Parkenfestivalen and for a sold out Rockefeller, just to mention a few of his achievements of late.

Kristian is rapidly buliding an extensive fan base with a broad demographic and 2019 is looking to be a very exciting one for the 26 year old!



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Key Demographics

Majority of music listeners between the ages of 23-27 with 26,4% of streams deriving from this segment.

Kristian has a majority of female fans representing 55% of the music listeners.