Versatiliy is the most descriptive word for Lauren Holmen aka LAUREN (Lœuren)
. A genuine Oslo girl with Cuban roots who speaks fluent Spanish, English and Norwegian, ready to make her mark on the music scene. Ranging from vocal high notes on catchy latino rhythms to spitting fire bars in Norwegian, Lauren can do it all.

The 18-year-old has lived in Norway her entire life, but feels well at home in her mother’s home country, Cuba - a country and a people she believes has influenced her music in a great way.

- Although Cuba has a lot of poverty, there is also a lot of joy and dancing. People are easier at heart there. 

Lauren thinks it has something to do with the sun and the heat. She knows it herself, that summer is her time. Long, hot, bright days inspire her.

Good thing summer’s coming as 2019 will without a shred of a doubt be an exciting year for this talented and versatile artist.




Key Demographics

Majority of music listeners between the ages of 18-22 with 27% of streams deriving from this segment.

LAUREN appeals slighty more to the female population with 58% of her listeners.