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Hilde Skaar aka SKAAR entered the music scene at the age of 18 when she featured on TRXD’s smash hit “Wherever You Go”. Three years later she’s written tons of new music, including her debut single “Higher Ground”.

“Higher Ground” is an uplifting single written by SKAAR while on a flight between Oslo and Stockholm after learning that a production company was looking for a song for the motion picture “Battle”. She received a synopsis of the film, shown a short clip and was so inspired that by the time she landed in Stockholm she had written the majority of the melody and lyrics by whispering into the microphone on her phone to avoid waking the oblivious guy sitting beside her.

The song impressed the director and producers so much that they decided to sync the track in a long sequence at the beginning of movie. Not a bad way to launch a career!

With new music in the pipeline, SKAAR is a one to watch for the years to come.




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Key Demographics

Majority of music listeners between the ages of 18-22 with 33% of streams deriving from this segment.

SKAAR appeals slighty more to the female population with 52% of her listeners.