Stovner, northeast of Oslo, has more than 30,000 inhabitants divided into more than eight square kilometers. The suburb has given birth to the hip hop collective HipHop101, with an alumni of artist currently tearing up the national chart. And the collectives latest graduate is Yomi.

Representing a new generation not afraid to show true emotions and with lyrics written in their native language, Yomi follows the footsteps of his idols Arif, Karpe Diem and Cezinando.
Whether it's his own experiences, or based on what his friends are going through, Yomi writes about what touches and inspires him. And when you're 16, it's all about emotions and aspirations. As his idols, Yomi was born to stand on a stage. And performances at the local youth center is the first step towards selling out arenas.

Yomi signed with Warner Music Norway in 2017, and has used the time since maturing as a songwriter and artist. Studiosessions, after school time of course, have resulted in a vault of new songs like the summer smash "Kom nærmere", "Ta det ned", "Erfaring" as well as his recent single “Unnskyld” made for the motion picture “Battle”.

With new music just around the corner, Yomi will be the one to watch in 2019!



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Key Demographics

Majority of music listeners between the ages of 18-22 with 27% of streams deriving from this segment.



Yomi - Erfaring (Official Music Video)


Yomi // Battle

Yomi created one of the original songs off the “Battle” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack which was featured in key scenes of the movie.

♫ Yomi - Unnskyld (from the Original Motion Picture “Battle”)